Shot in 2018 and currently in post-production. The film, based on the short story of the same, is directed by acclaimed music video director Emil Nava, produced by Automatik, Ammolite, and Three Six Zero, stars Kristine Froseth (Looking For Alaska) and Daniel Zolghadri (Eighth Grade). www.thisissnorkeling.com


Based on the short story, Home, Alone, a teenage boy throws house parties while his parents are out of town that are crashed by sinister guests hell bent on ruining everyone’s night. Currently in development with Three Six Zero with a director and star attachment.

Do Us Part

Jack’s newest viral short story, Do Us Part blew up on the nosleep subreddit and took off on TikTok with over 30 million views. A grieving husband who matches with his dead wife on Tinder. But the relief is short-lived, when her ghost refuses to let him move on, and begins haunting his entire life.

Multiple other scripts and projects are earlier in the development process and available upon request.